Melbourne based designer / creative studio

Hello and welcome to my corner of the creative world! My name is Bronte and I’m a full-time graphic designer and branding studio based in Melbourne, although I work with clients around the world. I graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) specialising in packaging. My specialisation has now grown to website design as one of my strongest areas, with a growing passion for logo design as well as product photography.


Over the years I have built over 80 websites and branded more than 50 businesses. I work with both existing brands and new start ups, and believe in building a brand that covers all aspects of your business, from logo to social media, to website and packaging.


Growing up I always wanted to be a graphic designer for a magazine, and have been on the path of graphic design ever since. In some ways this branding studio isn’t just work, it’s also a way of life. I love working within the online world and have a passion to help others build their business - to provide freedom and flexibility.

 x Bronte

Design is thinking made visual...